1906 Liberty V Nickel

1906 Liberty V Nickel US Coin
1906 Liberty V Nickel US Coin

1906 Liberty V Nickel Antic Coin

1906 Liberty V Nickel US Coin


Condition: Used
Winner will receive one 1906 Liberty “V” Nickel featuring the goddess of Liberty, in good to fine condition! Please check out our store for many more hard to find collectables! U.S. seller, Super fast shipping! Thank you very much and good luck! Being more than 100 years old, the 1906 V-Nickel is not an easy find for any collector. As the years pass, that find will only be made increasingly difficult as the quantity of coins diminishes. Making the search for one of these coins even more difficult is the fact that it is not common to find one in great condition. More often than not these coins will be in pretty rough shape, and that is something no collector wants to hear.

US 1906 Liberty
US 1906 Liberty “V” Nickel Coin