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Flybar Knee and Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards Protective Safety Gear Set - Multi-Sport Protection For Skateboarding, BMX, Pogoing, Inline Skating, Scooter - Kids, Teen & Adult Sizes (Red, Large)

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Price: $ 27.99

MaterialSynthetic Rubber

About this item Knee and Elbow Pads

  • PROTECTIVE GEAR FOR KIDS, TEENS, AND ADULTS: Flybar Knee and Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards Protective Safety Gear Set offers Multi-Sport Protection and comes in a variety of sizes that will comfortably fit and protect athletes and sports enthusiasts of any size or age
  • FLYBAR SAFETY GEAR SET includes one set of knee pads, one set of elbow pads, and one set of wrist pads designed for multi-sport protection. Its adjustable straps make the safety gear flexible enough to fit multiple sizes of knees, elbows, or wrists. Never too tight or loose, these straps provide a comfortable, safe fit
  • MULTI-SPORT PROTECTION: The Flybar Safety Gear Set is rated and safe for skateboarding, BMX, inline and roller skating, bicycling, skateboarding, vollyball, pogoing, scooters, and a variety of other activities! Feel comfortable and safe no matter what action sport! Great gift for birthdays, Christmas, or during sports seasons
  • IMPACT RESISTANT: Each piece of Flybar Safety Gear features soft, breathable neoprene materials with strong and durable ABS hard caps to withstand falls and impact. Adjustable straps ensure freedom of movement, and the wrist guards feature a rigid shaped ABS plastic on the palm side of the guards
  • FASHIONABLE: Whether a child, teen, or adult, the Flybar Safety Gear Set are multi-sports safety accessories that come in a variety of color combinations and sizes to suit your mood and deliver comfort while engaging in a variety of sports!

Knee and Elbow Pads Product Description:

The Flybar Safety Gear Set is made of durable and comfortable materials designed to protect and keep you safe.

Features of the Flybar Safety Gear Set:

Impact Resistant: Each knee pad, elbow pad, and wrist guard feature soft, breathable neoprene materials for a comfortable fit and durable ABS hard caps to keep you safe and withstand impact.
Adjustable: The Flybar Safety Gear Set is fully adjustable to fit someone of any size. Simply place the pad over your knee/elbow/wrist and adjust the straps to your liking.
Multi-Sport Protection: Flybar Knee pad, elbow pad, and wrist guard set are suitable for many sports like: skateboarding, pogoing, roller/inline skating, cycling, BMX, scooter, mountain biking, and any other extreme sport or activity.
Includes 1 pair of knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.




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