Monday, March 1, 2021

Vintage Looking Wall Clock

Featuring an old-school aesthetic which celebrates authenticity and traditional craft, The Barrell Shack introduces The Rafael, a vintage-looking wall clock inspired by a bygone era. Bold, black Roman numerals are a nod to the stunning clocks of yesteryear and the intricate metal-work and skeleton detailing of The Rafael give it an air of antiquity and mystery.

At 19 inches by 3 inches, The Rafael makes a prominent statement on whichever wall you choose to display and will bring a touch of nostalgic charm to your home d├ęcor scheme. One can almost imagine The Rafael gracing the walls of a home during the Industrial Revolution, when engineering and the mechanisms involved in powering a city proved so fascinating.

With The Rafael by the Barrell Shack, you will be adding a wonderfully classic piece to your home collection, bringing a touch of old-fashioned refinement to a room which will last for years to come.


Diameter: 19”

Original Price: $450

My Price: $300

Totally Metal. New Inbox never used.

New to Pickup from Ozone Park, NY, 11417


The Barrel Shack delivers custom, one-of-a-kind pieces of art to customers around the world who love the authentic, rustic way of living. Each premium piece is uniquely and passionately hand-crafted by expert artisans who work closely with designers to bring to life a stunning decorative from a beautiful piece of reclaimed wood. We find the most rustic wood for our pieces to give them character and depth not found anywhere else.

A wooden support beam from an old grist mill can be refashioned into a focal point piece of art in your home, or an old timber from a dilapidated barn can become a stunning rustic shelving system for your walls. Time-worn and rust-stained, reclaimed wood is worked to tell its own story and history in inspired artwork individually crafted by hand by highly trained and skilled artisans so that no two products are ever alike. Each unique piece bears the mark of time and the expert craftsmanship that has made The Barrel Shack one of the premier retailers of rustic, country charm. The end goal is always to deliver a unique and stunning piece of art that transcends what is deemed possible. Our timeless quality artwork is meant to be passed down for generations.


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